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Our Online Shop For Solar And Electronic Products

Renewable energies such as solar or wind power are the future energy sources. In our online shop, we offer you various solutions to produce electricity with renewable energies.

We offer you high-quality solar panels or small wind turbines that make you independent of rising energy costs. You will find complete solar panel kits and wind turbine kits that you can install yourself at home.

All of our solar and wind power products enable you to scale up the generation of your own electricity. You can start small and keep buying new solar modules or wind turbines to increase electricity production.

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We have also expanded our range of products. We now also offer you various electronic products in our extensive online shop.

Of course, these products have the usual quality and good service. If you have any questions about our products or your order, you can still contact us as usual via our various service channels.

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Online shop for solar technology and electronic products

SolarShopUS is a family-run business now stretching over four generations. Within our store, we hold a large stock of solar modules, solar equipment, electronic products, and camping equipment. We always want you to get the best services. You can reach our service team via email, live chat, and telephone.

The main reasons why you should buy from us:

  • Free US & CA delivery
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  • Solar installation service in Oregon and California

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Here you will find a list of our different product categories. So you can find the right product quickly and easily.

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PV Solar Panels

With our solar panels you can generate your own electricity from solar energy.

Camping Solar Equipment

Would you also like to be self-sufficient during your camping trip? We have the best products for camping solar.


Our solar inverters convert DC voltage from solar modules or wind energy into AC voltage and feed it into the power grid.

Mounts & Trackers

With the right mounting systems, you can easily mount the solar modules anywhere.

Solar Batteries & Accessories

With our high-quality battery storage, you can store the generated energy and use it at any time.

Electric Panel

Cable management is extremely important to keep track of things.

Charge Controllers

Our high-quality charge controller creates a connection between the solar system and the battery. As a result, the voltage of the solar array is pulled down to the voltage of the battery.

Monitors & Metering

With our high-quality monitoring modules, you always have full control over your systems. Monitoring on the computer, on the smartphone or via WiFi.

Combiner Boxes & Breakers

Safety is very important when it comes to renewable energy. For example, we offer you high-quality breaker boxes to protect your systems.

Electrical Accessories

Nobody can do without electronic accessories when installing solar panels or wind turbines. With us you will find everything you need for the installation of your solar panels or wind turbines.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are a great way to generate electricity. Wind also prevails at night when the solar panels cannot generate electricity. With us you will find a large selection of various wind power generators.

Hydro Generator

Hydroelectricity is a great option if you live near a lake or river. In our shop, you will find various hydro generators.

Portable Generator

Portable generators are especially useful when you're on the go. Charge the internal battery with solar power and use the energy anywhere.

Solar Panel Kits

Our complete solar panel kits include everything you need to get started right away. All solar panel kits are optimally matched to each other in order to be able to offer maximum performance.

Electric Heater

With our electric heaters you can use the electricity generated by your solar systems or wind turbines to heat your house.

Home & Garden Products

You can also use the power of the sun at home or in your garden to operate various products. Here you will find various products that are powered by solar energy.

Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are particularly suitable for your own garden. With solar water pumps you do not need a power connection and save enormous money.

Solar Camera

You can now also save money on surveillance technology. During the day you can operate your cameras with solar energy and in the evening with house electricity.

Solar Backpacks

With a solar backpack you always have your own power source with you. No matter where you are.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Here you will find the right accessories for cleaning your solar system.

Solar Flashlights

Solar flashlights have the great advantage that the internal batteries charge themselves during the day.


The right tools are important when you want to install your new solar power system or wind turbine. Here you can find the tools.

DIY Electronic Kits

Here you will find great DIY electronic kits to assemble yourself. If you enjoy electronics and soldering, you will find the right projects here.

Portable Power Station

With a Portable Power Station you can easily and effectively store the energy you have generated yourself and take it with you everywhere.

Diesel Air Heater

With a diesel air heater you can heat up cold places quickly and easily. Ideal for camping, garages or at home use.

Home Security Systems

With a home security system you can easily increase security at home. We offer various systems that you can install yourself at home.

Our Camping Branch

We now also sell many high-quality camping and outdoor products on our website. We offer many different products at fair prices.

DIY Robot Kits

Build your own robots, learn how to program a robot, and learn how robots are working. We offer different robot models.

Tesla Coil Kits

With us you will find many great tesla coil kits to assemble and experiment with yourself. Ideal for decoration or for experiments at home.


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Home Wind Turbines

We are experts in small wind turbines. We import hundreds of small wind turbines every year. In our online shop, you will find vertical wind turbines, as well as a large selection of horizontal wind turbines.

Since we buy wind turbines in larger quantities, we can offer our customers a reasonable price. Of course, we always pay attention to the best quality and high energy output of the systems.

So if you want to produce your own electricity at night or in winter, you should definitely take a look at our wind turbines. This is how you produce a lot of electricity at low acquisition costs.

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Customers Reviews

The large product range and the good service simply convinced me. It has become difficult to find a reliable supplier for solar technology, but I am very satisfied with and will order more products!
Katie M.
Happy Customer

Huge Savings On Select Products

In our online shop you will find many reduced products on the subject of solar energy and renewable energies.

The ordering process was very easy and I received all the products I ordered quickly. This enabled us to implement our solar project quickly and easily. Thanks to we are no longer dependent on expensive electricity and can produce our own green electricity.
Richard K.
Happy Customer

Photovoltaic. Environmentally friendly power generation made easy

Photovoltaics have not only been converting solar energy into electricity using the solar cells of the photovoltaic modules and an inverter since the energy transition. This is an environmentally friendly – and at the same time profitable – measure to generate electricity. When planning your own photovoltaic system, however, a number of things should be considered – such as the type of roof or options for storing electricity. We provide you with targeted information and offer you components such as PV modules, inverters, and complete PV packages with battery storage from well-known manufacturers, which ensure the smooth operation of your own system. Make yourself independent of your electricity supplier! Generate and store your own electricity.

Renewable energies out of conviction

Solar-Shop-US has been your expert in the field of regenerative energies for over 8 years. Whether photovoltaics or solar thermal – we offer you a comprehensive range of services that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements. In the highest quality, with a comprehensive service and maximum economy. We rely on innovations. And on creativity. Together we develop solutions that are convincing all along the line and protect the climate and the environment. So that you too can become energy self-sufficient. Because with over 100 MW of installed solar modules for customers and our own systems, we know what we are talking about.

High-quality solar products

We supply high-quality photovoltaic components to private and commercial customers, specialist companies, and craftsmen in the United States and Canada. Informative for end-users as well as planners and practitioners in the solar power industry. Of course, we also offer fair prices and a very large assortment in our online store!

Free quote from the solar experts

If you need help with planning and putting together the components, you will receive an individual offer using our offer form. Please note that the more we know about the local conditions, your ideas and the objectives of the project, the more effectively we can advise you. With our specially developed amortization estimate, we also include the profitability and profitability of your photovoltaic system in the planning. A high degree of self-sufficiency and the greatest possible self-consumption are often decisive factors, which is why you will also find intelligent electricity storage in our portfolio. The preparation of an offer adapted to your requirements is of course free of charge and non-binding for you!

Intelligent electricity storage & heating with solar power

Would you like to use the electricity from your existing PV system at night, on cloudy days, or in the event of a power failure? Or do you want to increase your own consumption, save energy or supply yourself with electricity independently? With smart home battery storage, you can use your solar power effectively and improve your level of self-sufficiency. In our sections on power storage and power storage sets you will find suitable components and complete systems with emergency power or stand-alone functions from well-known manufacturers such as Fenecon, BYD, SMA, LG, BMZ, and others. We offer solar power storage with lithium technology, lead-gel batteries, and other cell types.
Do you have no space for a battery system or do you want to use additional energy in the form of heat or heating support & hot water preparation? In this case, we recommend integrating an intelligent heating element from MyPv or the OhmPilot from Fronius into your system, for example. Heating with photovoltaics works reliably and without line losses. A very good solution for low-energy houses. You minimize the technical effort for heat generation and operate a system without complex service and maintenance.

Current developments in the solar industry

The cost of solar power storage is 25% cheaper compared to last year. The prices of solar modules and inverters also fell again in 2022. However, the solar modules will continue to supply electricity, the electricity generation costs of which undercut all other fossil or renewable sources due to low operating costs. The more systems approach the 20-year mark, the more important the topics of repowering and optimization of self-consumption become. Repowering deals with overhauling and replacing old solar modules, inverters or other photovoltaic components. We would be happy to support you with these topics as well. Call us or let us make you an offer or simply order the solar modules and accessories you need in our online shop and benefit from our free delivery.

Featured Brands:

Promotional Offers

The demand for photovoltaic systems and electricity storage is also extremely high due to the sharp rise in electricity prices from energy suppliers. Photovoltaic prices per kWp rose slightly in 2022 due to the corona pandemic, tight supply chains, increased raw material prices and reduced production capacities.

We do not yet know how the prices for modules, inverters and mounting systems will develop over the course of 2022 and beyond. However, we assume that the prices will not fall further. In 2021, every second photovoltaic system was installed with a solar power storage system and more than 5 million houses harvest the electricity from their own roofs. With us you will find a cheap photovoltaic system with strong brands from well-known manufacturers.

For a limited period of time, we offer photovoltaic packages with a discount, inverters, modules, solar charge controllers, solar batteries, solar power storage at reasonable prices in our online shop.

The items on offer are new items at reduced prices. Returns, special items, B-stock or repaired items with a factory guarantee are marked separately. The price action has a start and end date.

Installation Service

Are you looking for an installation service for your photovoltaic system or do you want to retrofit a storage unit and don’t want to install it yourself? We would be happy to offer you a photovoltaic system or storage system including installation in all states.

Do you want to expand your PV system with a solar power storage unit? We are a certified specialist company for Fronius, LG Chem, SMA Smart Home, LG Electronics, and BYD. Gladly expand your existing photovoltaic systems and install your new solar power storage.

solar installation


Quality is important to us! Just as our products have a high-quality standard, our employees must also have a high level of expertise in a very specific area. Therefore, we regularly attend training courses and certification seminars at our suppliers, partners and manufacturers.

We have checked all products that we include in our online store and sell in the online store and are convinced of the quality.

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