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Your personal camping shop on the internet. Here you will find everything to do with camping and leisure for caravanners, tent campers and rooftop tent campers. We offer you a wide range of camping supplies and equipment, with brands that campers trust.

Through our many years of experience, we know that our customers attach great importance to individual advice and high-quality products. That’s why we’re always there for you. Whether directly at your place, on the phone, or in our online shop – we are only satisfied when you have found the right camping accessories for you! As befits our status, quality plays a very important role. We not only put the products through their paces ourselves but also encourage our customers to evaluate the camping items in detail on the website.

Outdoor clothing & accessories

We offer a large selection of functional & outdoor clothing for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. You can buy a large selection of outdoor clothing online at low prices in our shop. Many of the men’s and women’s jackets on offer are waterproof, or at least water-repellent, and use well-known technologies such as Texapore or Gore-Tex. The selection includes double jackets, practical softshell jackets, and fleece jackets, which we always have in stock for outdoor-loving men and women who prefer functional things. This means that you are prepared for all eventualities, from easy walks to outdoor adventures.

Tents for camping and RVs

Let us be a part of your camping vacation! From the moment you arrive, our camping items can make life more comfortable for you. Use one of the numerous caravan awnings or an awning for the motorhome and create more space. We offer the right awning carpet and a large selection of different tent pegs and optimal tent accessories to make the extension safe for winter camping or storms. For the camper, the classic RV awning is available for purchase. And for the shortstop, an awning makes the most sense.

Cooking and living outdoors

When the work is done, the hard-working camper looks forward to his well-deserved meal. Of course, a suitable camping grill or gas cooker can also be selected from a variety of brands.

Camping vehicle accessories

Energy should never become a critical factor when camping. Anyone who discovers a particularly beautiful, lonely place to stay longer does not want to be dependent on the socket at the campsite. Because even if an onboard battery can ensure the basic supply, at some point the light in the camping vehicle goes out. Secure your energy supply on the go, optionally with a camping power generator or fuel cell, and be self-sufficient. Or let the sun work for you with a solar system and charge the battery for free. In addition, an inverter can be ordered cheaply, which allows the connection of 110-230V devices to the camping battery.

camping lantern

Camping Lighting

A good pocket lamp or camping lantern is extremely important when camping. Light is always important in outdoor camping. High-quality camping lamps at fair prices.

camping kitchen

Cooking & Camping Kitchen

Here you will find many accessories for cooking and eating. Setting up your camping kitchen correctly is extremely important to enjoying the camping trip.

Portable camping grills

Portable Camping Grills

Here you will find various portable camping grills that you can easily take with you and set up where you are currently setting up your tent.

Collapsible Water Containers

Collapsible Water Containers

Water has to be transported over long distances, especially when camping. For this reason, our water containers are extremely practical and helpful.

Sleeping bag


Here you will find high-quality sleeping bags for your next camping trip. We offer sleeping bags for the summer, but also sleeping bags that are suitable for very low temperatures where you don't freeze.

Tent Heater online shop

Tent Heaters

Especially in spring, autumn and winter it gets very cold in the tent or in the rooftop tent. For this reason we offer various camping tent heaters here.

Mobile power generation

Mobile Power Generation

Electricity is very important. When you are out in nature, you need a way to generate energy. Here we have the best products for mobile energy production.

camping furniture

Camping Furniture

Camping can be very comfortable with the right camping furniture. With us you will find various camping furniture at fair prices.

Camping bag packs

Camping Bag Packs

A good backpack is very important on a camping or hiking tour. We offer various camping and hiking backpacks at fair prices.

Camping showers

Camping Hygiene

Hygiene is particularly important when camping. If you are in nature all day long, you should pay attention to proper hygiene.

Camping Tools


Camping tools are very handy and we can be very helpful in different situations. With us you will find various camping tools.



Everyone who is out in nature needs a good outdoor knife. With us you will find knives at fair prices.

Camping toilet

Camping Toilets

Nobody likes to talk about toilets... but everyone needs them... that's why we want to offer you good camping toilets here.

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speakers

Would you like to listen to your favorite music while camping? Then you will find great bluetooth speakers in our online shop.

Dry bag

Dry Bags

Dry bags keep your clothes dry, as well as valuable electronic parts such as cameras or laptops. A dry bag is very important when you are traveling in humid areas.

camping car ramps

Car Camping Accessories

With our accessories, you can optimally prepare your vehicle for the next outdoor trip.

Cooler bag

Cooler Bags

Our cooler bags are guaranteed to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool. A cool bag can also keep things warm when the temperature is low.

Insect repellent devices

Insect Repellent Devices

Nothing is more annoying than insects and mosquitoes when camping. With our products you keep these insects and mosquitoes away.

Electric Camping Water Heater

With a camping water heater you always have hot water on your camping trips.

buy a Survival Kit in our online shop

Survival Kits

Be prepared for difficult situations with one of our pre-packed survival kits.

Caravan Cover

Protect your RV or camping caraavan with one of our quality caravan covers.

These are the most popular products:

Your camping online shop for camping equipment & outdoor accessories

It couldn’t be easier or more convenient! In our large camping shop, you can buy camping equipment online 24 hours a day. We carry an extensive range for campers and outdoor fans, such as camping furniture, sleeping bags, air mattresses, sleeping pads, and camping tents, and items for everything to do with caravans and motorhomes. At you can buy your camping equipment at attractive prices like in a camping department store.

Suitable outdoor equipment for every trip from the
camping shop

Tours in the great outdoors are not only becoming more popular but also more diverse due to the easy travel routes. The equipment, which you can find in our outdoor accessories shop, must also adapt to this. For this reason, we only offer the best outdoor equipment that has been sufficiently tested by professionals and is there to help you on your tours and hikes.

The most important camping equipment for all tours

A suitable tent is extremely important for all outdoor enthusiasts. The balance between size, comfort, and weight must be found. After all, the tent has to be transported to picturesque and beautiful places first. Matching backpacks from our range make transport easier, offers sufficient storage space, and distributes the weight comfortably over the entire back. You can quickly and easily put together the right outdoor equipment and the desired outdoor accessories in our online outdoor shop. So nothing stands in the way of your next tour. But not only tents and backpacks are important on such tours. The right outdoor accessories enable you to keep the situation under control in almost every situation. Starting with the compass, which should not be missing on any tour, to the outdoor light, which shows you the way even when hiking in the twilight and darkness. With the right outdoor equipment, you can quickly and safely find your way to your tent and the sleeping pad and sleeping bag waiting inside. With the outdoor knife and the drinking bottle on your belt, you are prepared for every challenge.

Affordable camping accessories & camping equipment

We sell both furnishings and equipment for tents in our online shop. Camping accessories for mobile homes and caravans or items of all kinds for outdoor use – at you will find everything ready to click for uncomplicated online ordering. Here you will find everything a camper’s heart desires. For example, RV awnings, annexes for rooftop tents, powerful inverters, and of course solar systems that make you independent of the power grid. Bicycle racks and steps are also included in our range. You order from the comfort of your own home and delivers as quickly as possible. Secure payment options and convenient installment payments are a matter of course.

Huge selection of RV, tent, and rooftop tent accessories

Of course, you will also find everything you need to convert a van into a camper van or mobile home here. Furniture connectors, different furniture hinges, table bases, push-lock locks, edge bands, and extra-light furniture panels. This variety of extension parts will inspire you. Take a look at our camping supplies catalog – it’s definitely worth it! Order camping items from the comfort of your own home: tents, caravan accessories, camping plumbing, and much more… Everything is sorted like in a department store for the perfect camping equipment.

Travel comfortably with the right outdoor accessories

If you are traveling with a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat, you don’t want to do without a little comfort. For this reason, you will find everything for your outdoor kitchen in our outdoor accessories shop. Space-saving and lightweight stoves and drinking bottles can be found in our range as well as practical outdoor crockery and cutlery. Take advantage of our outdoor shop online and put together your outdoor kitchen from the comfort of your own home. Stove, drinking bottle, and cutlery are just as easy to put in the backpack as the right outdoor knife, compass, and outdoor light. So you are quickly and easily equipped for the next tour and can face all eventualities. You can see how important it is to take the right outdoor accessories with you on tour in order to be able to cope with any weather and any situation. Take advantage of the rich offer from our outdoor accessories shop and put together your high-quality outdoor equipment.

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