Camping Solar Equipment

Solar systems for mobile homes and caravans, the well-known camping solar systems supply you, or rather your supply batteries, with green electricity. The solar sets, flexible modules, and 12 V panels offered here can cover your power requirements even on cloudy days.

You will also find practical solar systems for smaller camping tours. We also have mini solar systems in our shop that you can use to power your mobile phone or other electrical devices while camping.

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Solar systems for mobile homes, caravans, and camping

Solar systems for mobile homes and caravans can be bought and retrofitted relatively cheaply and that's a good thing! Because when traveling, freestanding, or on remote campsites, you need electricity. With a camping solar system, you can generate this independently of the actual power grid. Solar cells convert light into electricity. This is “temporarily stored” in a battery by a solar controller and kept in stock. It is therefore important to have the right storage capacity (battery) on board in addition to the solar system.
Produce your own electricity:

  • with the flat, glueable, flexible modules
  • with the robust solar panels with 100 Wp
  • with a foldable solar module 12V

Solar sets for mobile homes, caravans, and campers

With a solar set, you order a perfectly coordinated complete package for optimal electricity yield on your mobile home or caravan roof. The production of solar power is an inexpensive option for your independent energy supply. Solar power production is absolutely silent and produces energy without additional costs.

Scope of delivery of the solar complete packages:

  • 12V solar panel/solar module
  • solar cable
  • solar controller
  • roof duct
  • attachment spoiler
  • and/or glue and primer
  • assembly instructions

*The exact scope of delivery can be found on the article page of the desired solar set.

Not quite sure which solar system to buy or how to install it? Then just ask at your nearest Berger shop. The colleagues will be happy to help you competently with almost all questions relating to solar power.

Which camping solar modules for mobile homes are there?

With the solar systems for campers, you gain energy from the sun. This is especially useful in the great outdoors when the nearest power supply is miles away. Here in the online shop, you will find monocrystalline rigid solar modules that are known for their high energy yield and longevity. These 12V modules are very stable and have been installed in camping photovoltaic systems for many years. In recent years, flexible panels have been added that are glued to the camper roof to save space. But the foldable solar module is also relatively new. These mobile solar modules are particularly interesting for camper drivers, for trickle charging in winter, or for mobile cell phone charging.

Flexible panels or rigid modules – which system is better?

Flexible panels originally come from the marine sector, where they were glued to sailing yachts, for example. Thus, these solar systems had to be walkable, flexible, and salt water-resistant. This means that flexible panels are ideally suited for tasks on the roof of a mobile home or camper van. The first flexible modules had a slightly weaker performance, meanwhile, there is hardly any difference between the rigid and the flexible module. In high heat and extreme angles of incidence, the flexible module is still inferior to the rigid 12V panel. Because solar modules produce electricity best at moderate temperatures. As it gets hotter, performance drops. Rigid modules have a gap between the vehicle roof and the panel, which ensures air circulation and constant cooling of the panel. Of course, this is not possible with flexible ones, and the performance drops at very high temperatures. But if you have a curved roof or do not have enough space for a rigid solar panel, the flexible solar panel is the perfect solution for you.

Foldable solar systems for more mobility

If you spend less time outdoors, use foldable solar systems. It doesn't matter whether you spend a few nights at the campsite, go on a hike through nature, or whether you visit a festival – foldable camping solar systems are particularly light in weight and can be stowed away to save space. With a mobile module, you can also charge your mobile phone away from big cities or the nearest campsite and then simply stow the foldable solar system in your backpack.

Mobile solar systems for the camper

Mobile solar systems such as the Travel-Line series supply your caravan with electricity. Many campervan drivers place such a foldable solar panel on the windshield, or simply on the sunny grass in front of the campervan in the shade. This way you can get electricity without having to attach a solar system to the roof. The Travel-Line is also equipped with powerful magnets that make it possible to fix it to the wall or the roof of your vehicle.

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