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Here you will find a very wide range of different charge controllers – use the filter bar on the left to filter out the right devices for you. From the simple 3A PWM charge controller to the waterproof DUO MPPT charge controller, you will find everything the market currently has to offer. Of course, we only offer you tested quality here. So you can be sure that you get the best products for your solar project.

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A solar panel converts sunlight into a direct current. This means that the electricity from the solar module could be fed directly into the battery, which also stores the electricity as direct current and thus serves DC consumers.

solar charge controller function

However, the voltage of the solar modules is higher than the voltage of a fully charged battery and can therefore damage a battery when charged directly. Furthermore, deep discharge of the battery due to excessive use by consumers can significantly reduce the life of a battery.

The charge controller has the function of protecting the battery from undercharging and overcharging as well as from short circuits. It significantly extends the life of the batteries and should always be used with self-sufficient solar systems.

Here you will find an overview of the various charge controller models:

Series Controller

The series controller interrupts the module current with the help of a relay or current conductor and switches it on again at a defined voltage drop as soon as the final charging voltage is reached. If the batteries are fully charged, the series regulator prevents further current flow into the batteries.

solar series controller

MPPT controller

MPPT solar charge controllers enable solar modules to be operated at the optimum output voltage. The current is regulated by the battery voltage, so the system allows high input voltages from the solar system. The electricity generated can thus be used more efficiently.

MPPT controller

Duo charge controller

So-called duo charge controllers, which have two charging outputs, are available for caravans. One for the automatic charging and trickling of the (main) board supply battery and a charging output for charging and trickling the vehicle starter battery.

Duo charge controller

Shunt regulator

The shunt controller continuously reduces the module current as soon as the end-of-charge voltage is reached. However, since the module continues to generate electricity, the portion of the module current that is not required is simply used as short-circuit current. This method is ideal for the battery as it ensures safe and fast charging.

Shunt regulator


What does PWM mean?

Pulse Width Modulation refers to a special charging algorithm that is used in most charge controllers as well as other electrical devices. PWM is the most effective method of achieving constant battery voltage when charging.

When the battery voltage reaches the regulation setpoint, the PWM algorithm reduces the charging current to avoid battery heating and gassing, which in turn enables increased charging efficiency, fast recharging, and correct battery operation at full power.

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