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The power connection: planning and installing the fuse box correctly

Electrical installation distributors, also known colloquially as distribution boxes, fuse boxes, or meter boxes, distribute the electrical energy already recorded by the meter to individual circuits. In single-family homes, it is common to house the distributor and meter space in a common distributor box. In multi-family houses, there is usually a so-called sub-distribution in each apartment and it is separated from the meter locations with the main fuses (usually in the basement).

Precise planning is an advantage

Before you get started: A distribution box also needs to be planned. You have to think carefully about how many circuits you need. This is important for the assembly of the distribution box and its dimensioning. For determination, the existing and also planned devices should be recorded precisely in order to be able to precisely estimate the need for circuit breakers and the scope of the installation material. In general, the following things should be observed during electrical installation:

  • Provide enough circuits with fuses. Equip rooms such as the living room, bedroom, or office with their own circuits so that devices that are added later do not overload the system.
  • It makes sense to set up separate circuits for sockets and lighting in each room.
  • Large consumers such as cookers or instantaneous water heaters are protected with three dedicated circuit breakers.
  • Large consumers such as washing machines or dishwashers also have their own protection.
  • Installing an earth leakage circuit breaker – that's the rule!
  • Provide a safety switch for the bathroom and another RCD for the children's room.
  • A latching relay may be necessary for the corridor or staircase lighting.

The correct installation location for fuse boxes

Not only the number of circuits is important, but also the location of the fuse box. The installation site must meet the following characteristics:

  • sufficient space for all built-in devices
  • its door must not block an escape route
  • sufficient height for maximum ease of use
  • adequate lighting
  • good accessibility of the room

As already mentioned, the installation location is often the house connection room. In older buildings, the basement was usually chosen, but it cannot be reached so quickly and easily in emergencies. When refurbishing, a new installation location should therefore be considered.

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