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If you are looking for a way to generate heat quickly and without great effort, our diesel air heaters are the best choice for you. No matter whether you need a mobile diesel air heater for your mobile home, for camping, or even for your house. In our online shop, you will find the best diesel air heaters at fair prices.

You can easily order the air heater in our online shop and we will conveniently deliver your new diesel air heater to your home. And it’s completely free of charge, we don’t charge any shipping costs!

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How a diesel air heater works

Diesel-powered air heaters are usually independent of the engine and the vehicle's own heat balance.

how diesel camping air heater works

The principle is simple. Cold air is sucked in from inside or outside the vehicle. The air is heated by the heat exchanger and blown back into the vehicle interior, apartment, house, or tent.

Air heaters are usually installed in commercial vehicles. They offer an ideal solution for additional heating or retrofitting in mobile homes.

Depending on the model, this system can be programmed with timers and set to an exact room temperature.

Air from the environment and fuel from the diesel tank are mixed and burned in the combustion chamber. Fresh or circulating air is heated with thermal energy and released at the outlet. You can connect a hose to the heat outlet, for example, to direct the warm air to the right place.

The diesel heater is becoming more and more popular with motorhome owners, camping fans, or even homeowners who want to save money with a diesel heater.

It is becoming a steadily growing alternative to popular gas heaters. The most compelling advantage of this heater is probably because diesel is relatively cheap and can be easily transported and stored. Gas cylinders, on the other hand, are heavy and complicated to transport and also difficult to store.

I see one of the biggest advantages in availability. You can get diesel at every gas station here. And that worldwide. With gas, it gets more difficult. It takes a long time to find a gas sales point. There is also another problem. Gas cylinder standards vary from country to country.

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