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DIY electronic kits for soldering and handicrafts

DIY electronic kits are a great hobby – also in the field of microelectronics. If you want to take your projects to the next level, or are just interested in tinkering, you can have a lot of fun with many different DIY kits. From simple calculators to self-driving robots, there is something for every maker and hobbyist.

In our online shop, you will find many different exciting DIY electronic kits.

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Electronic kits – For all hobbyists and beginners

The electronic kits from Roboter-Bausatz are just the right thing for anyone who has always wanted to get to grips with electrical engineering and microcontrollers.

First soldering work for beginners

Our electronic kits, practice circuit board for soldering, or the LED heart kit is particularly suitable for beginners

These electronic kits contain only a few components that have to be soldered onto the circuit board. This makes it easy to learn how to use a soldering iron and solder, as well as how capacitors, resistors, and the like work.

Due to the low price of these kits, you can improve your skills very quickly on different kits. If a soldering kit fails, it's easier to cope with than a $100 soldering kit.

The large selection of different electronic kits with different functions and components also allows you to gradually handle other components such as ICs, power sources, or various expansion modules.

For advanced

If you already have some experience, you can try the Mini Tesla coil, for example. In this kit, you can build a miniature version of Nikola Tesla's world-famous Tesla Coil.

Thanks to the plasma arcs, this not only looks good. With the music playback function included in the kit, music can be generated by the air vibration generated by the plasma arcs.

Those who prefer something more practical will get their money's worth with the voltmeter kit. Here you not only get a fully functional voltmeter (a must-have for all hobbyists) but also an Arduino with Atmega 328P chip.

Introduce children to electronics in a playful way

Anyone who wants to introduce young people to the topic in a playful way will also find what they are looking for. An LED Christmas tree can be made for Christmas. For more safety on the road, there is a soldering kit for a bicycle turn signal. The youngsters learn how to deal with electronic components and their function in an exciting and practical way.

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