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Electric Panels: The right protection for your electronics

They eke out an often unnoticed but nevertheless very important existence: control cabinets. Without them, neither electrical energy nor electrical signals could be provided safely and in accordance with standards.

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What is an electric panel?

An electric panel is basically a housing for electrical or electronic installations. Its primary purpose is to protect both the system and the users.

There are different types of electric panels, each designed to house systems with different specifications.

For example, servers are usually housed in large, free-standing floor-standing electric panels, while compact electric panels are intended for wall mounting.

Add-on electric panels are also available. These are modular and can be connected to one another as required.

In industrial and commercial environments, most electric panels are free-standing, wall-mounted, or device-mounted. The latter are often integrated into the frame of a machine for reasons of space.

What should you watch out for when you want to cut holes or cut-outs in electric panels?

Do-it-yourself cutouts are entirely possible after delivery, but several steps are involved. Each cut-out must be carefully measured and marked, taking care not to scratch it. When the cutout shapes are properly aligned, drilling and cutting can begin.

However, creating and cutting out the holes takes some time. Power tools and special aids may be required. While polycarbonate or fiberglass is easy to cut, carbon steel and stainless steel housings quickly wear out the cutting blades. Special tools are also required for large holes.

Once the cutouts are complete, the edges need to be filed smoothly to remove burrs and any rough or sharp edges. In addition, cutting residue, oil, adhesive tape, and cut-out markings must be removed. After cleaning, the bare edges of the sheet steel exposed by cutting should be painted to protect against corrosion.

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