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Illuminate and beautify the outdoor area in an environmentally friendly way with solar lamps and other items.
With solar lamps, you set accents in the garden and create pleasant lighting with sustainable solar energy.

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Solar lamps for the garden, balcony, or terrace ✓ whether you are looking for house number lights, light balls, or winter decorations: there is a suitable solar lamp for every taste ✓ We also offer a large range of pond pumps, pond filters, LED lights and irrigation systems ✓

With solar lamps from SolarShopUS.com, it becomes attractively bright in the garden, yard, balcony, and terrace without having to lay extra power lines. In the twilight, decorative light accents are created, with which the seating area, but also flower beds, trees, the garden pond, and other favorite places are skilfully staged. With its soft light, the solar lamp creates an atmospheric atmosphere and really brings out the beauty of the garden and terrace. Many solar lamps from SolarShopUS.com are also an attractive eye-catcher during the day, with which the outdoor area can be well decorated. If the driveway or entrance is illuminated with a solar lamp, this also serves for orientation and security. The solar lamps from SolarShopUS.com offer numerous possibilities for this: They can be used to mark the path boundaries of the sidewalks and driveways, but the facade can also be illuminated. Posts, platforms, bases, and walls can be illuminated with the appropriate solar lamps and integrated into the lighting concept.

Solar lamps in a large selection and different shapes

SolarShopUS.com has a large selection of solar lamps in different designs, shapes, and sizes. In addition to practical house numbers and signs that glow in the dark, there are also wall and floor lamps for illuminating entrances, stairs, and paths. Light balls in different sizes can create atmospheric effects in the garden, and hanging and decorative lights for the table in the garden and on the terrace provide the right light for a successful evening with friends. If you want to include the garden pond in your lighting concept, you will also find the right solar lamp for this at SolarShopUS.com. Many solar lights can be stuck into the ground with a practical ground spike where you want them to shine. Quickly assembled and repositioned, the garden can be flexibly illuminated again and again. The larger floor lamps can either be plugged in with a ground spike or screwed onto even and hard surfaces. There are wall lights and wall spotlights for illuminating the facade and walls. Should a tree be staged? Solar spotlights with a ground spike are ideal for this. Special solar lamps in an unusual design can be used to realize endless lighting ideas: spherical lamps look like radiant sculptures in the garden, and luminous flowers and other motifs conjure up colorful points of light in the green lawn or the herb beds. Floating lights, underwater spotlights, and pond balls transform the garden pond into a luminous fairytale pond as soon as the sun goes down. With solar light chains, table lamps, and hanging lamps, the next garden party will be atmospherically illuminated and a complete success.

Functional solar lamps with motion detector

In addition to the decorative lighting of the garden, a solar lamp is also suitable for useful use: it can be used to mark paths and doors. As soon as it gets dark, the driveway, the paths, the steps, and the front door are marked and illuminated. Illuminated with solar lamps, all paths are safe and everyone can find their way around. The range in the SolarShopUS offers a large selection of different solar lamps, which provide sufficient light and security either with or without motion detectors. Along the paths, plug-in lights and spotlights can simply be stuck into the soft ground with a ground spike. Standing lights that can be screwed to the floor are suitable for lighting on hard concrete or pavement. Recessed lights that are sunk at ground level can also provide the necessary light in the dark. These are in a ground station throughout the day, come out automatically at dusk, and start to glow.

The entire entrance with solar lighting

An illuminated house number sign ensures that visitors and guests can quickly find the right house, even in the dark. If you run a company in your home, you can use a sign light to provide information about opening hours, for example. Wall lights illuminate the entrance, ensuring that the door lock is easy to find and that the steps do not become a tripping hazard. If the light is not to be on all the time, a solar lamp with an integrated motion detector is the perfect solution. SolarShopUS has the right solar lamp for every taste. The timeless, classic solar lamps can be selected for the dignified ambiance, while technically clear solar lamps ensure a minimalist, modern styling. Whether for the country house style, the cottage garden, or the castle park: In the SolarShopUS everyone will find the right solar lamp and thus give the garden as an outdoor living room its personal touch.

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