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It is important to clean the solar panels regularly. Dirty solar panels no longer provide full performance. In our online shop you will find practical accessories to clean your solar panels properly and thoroughly.

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Photovoltaic cleaning: Should you clean photovoltaic systems?

Your photovoltaic system is exposed to wind and weather. Leaves and needles falling from trees, bird droppings, small dead mosquitoes, fine dust, pollen, and airborne dirt and sand particles can settle on the modules and soil them. As a result, your photovoltaic system absorbs between 10 and 20 percent less solar energy and is therefore less effective at converting solar energy into electrical and usable energy. It's like a dirty window or the windows of your car that are under the carport when the pollen season has started: as soon as the windows are dirty, you no longer have the best possible view, but you can still see something. If you neglect photovoltaic cleaning, you lose the advantages of a solar system, which you took into account when preparing the calculation as to whether photovoltaics is worthwhile for you.

If the photovoltaic system has been attached to your roof at an angle of at least twelve degrees, then a heavy rain shower or the melting snow will do a bit of the work for you and at least wash away the loose particles every now and then. But resin stains, dried-on bird droppings, moss, and lichen are usually not removed by the rain. Even if your photovoltaic system is placed on the facade, the rain shower will probably only help you to a limited extent. And this is where photovoltaic cleaning comes into play.

Advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaic cleaning


  • A PV cleaning ensures the long-term
    The yield of the photovoltaic system and the
    The stock of brackets.
  • Cleaning ensures a tidy and
    clean looking roof or a good
    looking facade – depending on where
    Your modules are attached.
  • When cleaning photovoltaics, the
    Roof covering is also equal to a short one
    be subjected to visual inspection.


  • If done incorrectly, the modules
    to be damaged.
  • Through photovoltaic cleaning, the
    manufacturer's warranty expires
    if you do not use recommended cleaning products
    use that is too strong for the modules.
  • Whoever climbs onto the roof to do the cleaning
    to do so is at great risk
    out. Not just a crash, but also a
    Electric shock can result in improper
    behavior at dizzy heights.

How often does a PV system have to be cleaned?

Photovoltaic cleaning is not necessary for every small spot on the system. That would be too much of a hassle. But once a year, depending on the individual degree of soiling, once every two years is also advisable. Those who live close to an agricultural area, near a factory or a busy road tend to have to clean the modules more often than someone who lives in a less polluted environment.

How do I clean a PV system?

In order for your photovoltaic cleaning to be successful, there are a few things that you should consider and a few points that you should avoid.

Tips for photovoltaic cleaning

  • Read the module manufacturer's instructions carefully.
  • Clean the modules late in the evening or very early in the morning, otherwise, they will be too hot.
  • Make sure you have sufficient personal security.
  • Invest in a durable, stable, and long telescopic pole to easily reach all modules without acrobatics.
  • Remember to also carefully clean the brackets and edges.
  • Use gentle cleaning agents when cleaning photovoltaics.
  • Clean the photovoltaic system with soft sponges and cloths.
  • Always rinse well with low-lime water – preferably rainwater from the rain barrel or your cistern.
  • Log the cleaning in the system documentation and re-determine the yield data. If the performance is still reduced despite a sunny day, then the problem was not the pollution, but there may be a technical defect and you should inform the specialist.

When cleaning a photovoltaic system, first fill a tub with sufficient lime-free water and add some cleaning agent. Then dip the sponge cleaner – attached to a telescopic rod – into it and clean carefully and without exerting much pressure over the photovoltaic modules. If necessary, clean the same module several times to clean it thoroughly and rinse immediately with clear water. After cleaning the sides and brackets, rinse again with water and your photovoltaic system is fully operational again.

Avoid these mistakes when cleaning photovoltaics

  • Clean the modules in the midday heat.
  • Climbing onto the roof as an inexperienced person or not securing the ladder properly.
  • Clean power cables.
  • Use the high-pressure cleaner.
  • Use harsh and caustic cleaning agents.
  • Use scratch sponges and strong brushes.
  • Use calcareous water for rinsing. This can cause streaks.

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