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In our online shop, you will find different robot kits to assemble yourself. If you are interested in electronics, you can learn a lot about robot controls and functions with these kits. These robot kits are suitable for adults but also for children.

We offer robots with different complexities. You can also give your child a robot assembly kit and assemble it together with your child. The robots we offer have a wide variety of functions. The functions differ depending on the model. Please note that delivery times are currently around 10 to 15 days!

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Our online shop,, offers a wide variety of robot kits suitable for both adults and children. These DIY kits come in different models and feature a range of functions to suit various needs. Some of our kits come equipped with cameras, allowing users to capture and view footage. Others feature sensors, enabling the robot to detect and respond to its environment. Still, others come with remote controls, providing users with the ability to control the robot from a distance. Some of our kits even come with the ability to speak, making them ideal for educational and interactive purposes. Additionally, we have kits that can drive and move around, providing an exciting and engaging experience. For those looking for even more complex functions, we also offer advanced kits with a variety of capabilities. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced builder, our robot kits provide a fun and educational way to learn about robotics and technology.

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