Solar Backpacks

A solar backpack is not only practical and versatile, it is also a real eye-catcher.

Like any normal backpack, the backpack serves as a companion to fill it with your belongings or provisions. A solar backpack is also an important companion for mobile devices. When the sun is shining, it enables mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, smartwatches, power banks, etc. to be charged via an integrated USB port.

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The solar backpack – innovative, practical, and sustainable

If you like to spend your free time outdoors and enjoy the sun's rays, but at the same time don't want to waste the advantages of free solar energy, you will logically inevitably buy a solar backpack sooner or later.

Because a charge with a solar backpack is even suitable for the laptop, a backpack with a solar panel is also ideal for holidays. A backpack with a solar panel gives the wearer maximum freedom of movement outdoors without having to forego communication with the outside world. So nothing stands in the way of an outdoor holiday and its diverse adventures.

How do solar backpacks work?

Whether on the roof, the calculator, or even a satellite – they can be found almost everywhere. The big blue plates generate electricity. In this case on a solar backpack. Basically, a solar backpack is a backpack that is equipped with a high-performance solar panel.

But how does a solar panel actually work?
A solar panel collects energy not only from the obvious daylight. No, even when it's raining and cloudy or even when it's snowing, it absorbs the energy present. The energy radiates from the sun. It emits more than three trillion (in full: 3,000,000,000,000) watts to earth every day and is therefore ideally suited to using the energy to fully charge electronic devices, among other things.

With a solar backpack, it is possible to charge smartphones, cameras, tablets, and other devices. A solar backpack is also the right choice for the laptop and its charges.

To do this, the owner of the backpack with a solar panel should simply connect the solar panel to a powerful power bank so that no energy is lost. This is then easily connected to the device to be charged.

What makes a good backpack with solar?

Various solar backpack tests have shown that it is important to pay attention to criteria such as water resistance, the performance of the solar panel, and, of course, comfort. These criteria cover the basic needs of all outdoor fans. This means that everyone can move outdoors without hesitation, without having to worry that the backpack will break immediately or that the fun of the trip will be lost.

It is also important to note the volume of the backpack so that there is enough space for all utensils later on. The role of comfort, i.e. ergonomics, increases with the volume of the backpack and should therefore be considered before buying a solar backpack.

Other criteria that should be considered are the robustness of the solar backpack. This is important so that the backpack does not suddenly tear during an excursion. This would be particularly fatal with a solar backpack for the laptop, for example. It is therefore important to note that not only the material but also the workmanship, for example, the seam, should be of high quality.

The durability of the solar backpack should be given in any case. This ensures, among other things, that the materials do not become porous as a result of UV radiation.

Pros and cons of solar backpacks

The advantages of a solar backpack:

  • Green energy is always with you
  • Low weight
  • Ergonomics
  • Replaceable solar panel
  • Independence from other power sources
  • Water resistance and windproof

Disadvantages of a solar backpack:

  • Higher price
  • Wear and tear of the solar panel

Here are all the advantages and disadvantages of a solar backpack in detail

Advantage: Green Energy:
A big advantage of solar backpacks is the consumption of “green energy”; i.e. the consumption of completely renewable energy. Thanks to solar energy, there is no pollution and you can enjoy the sun without any worries. Another advantage of green energy from the sun is that it can be used completely silently and does not require any active “work” from the user.

Disadvantage: Price
The clear disadvantage of using solar backpacks is the horrendously high price. But quality has its price and so you have to dig deeper into your pocket for a good solar backpack than for an ordinary backpack. Thus, the high price is put into perspective again if you compare the functionality of the solar backpacks with the price.

Advantage: Weight
Since a backpack with a solar charger is only slightly heavier due to the charger itself, there is hardly any difference from a conventional backpack. This is a clear advantage, especially if you want to do longer outdoor tours with your backpack.

Disadvantage: Ergonomics
The solar backpack test has shown that some models are not back-friendly. This means that anatomical adjustment to your own back shape is not possible. Therefore, the outdoor fan is almost dependent on spending a lot of money for a comfortably fitting backpack.

Advantage: Replaceable solar panel
And that brings us to another advantage: one advantage is that even if the panel breaks, it can still be easily replaced in an emergency. As a result, the user is not dependent on the longevity of the panel but can produce it himself if necessary.

Disadvantage: Wear and tear on the solar panel
As with any other battery or accumulator, the solar panel and thus the solar backpack may not be able to do its job. This can happen as it is worn out. This is very annoying, especially when you are outdoors or on vacation. But that is the natural evolution of any electronic component.

Advantage: Independence from other power sources
Regardless of all the electrosmog, it is possible for the owners to enjoy their free time outdoors using solar energy and still be able to communicate with the environment using a smartphone, for example. A solar backpack is a great way to catch your breath away from society and still be reachable. At least if you want it, of course.

Advantage: Waterproof and windproof
Another very important point is water-resistance and windproofing. Because sooner or later everyone gets into a storm in their free time or on vacation. Then an owner does not have to worry about the functionality of the backpack with solar, because this is then simply superfluous.

Advantage: Functionality
The functionality is created depending on the needs of the user. For example, an athlete would be more likely to buy a solar backpack that gives them a better way to hydrate themselves. A busy person would prefer a model that offers a large capacity to store as much electronic equipment as possible. The solar backpack is therefore very versatile.


A solar backpack is a great investment for anyone who enjoys being outdoors in their free time. You don't have to do without the comfort of a fully charged battery for electronic equipment with a backpack with a solar charger but can combine both. The advantages of a solar backpack clearly outweigh the disadvantages. It is therefore thoroughly recommended to buy a solar backpack.

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