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Anern 500W Solar Generator is perfect for any outdoor activity or emergency. It is a versatile, portable power station that can be charged by solar panel, AC adapter or car cigarette lighter. It features 2 DC ports, 1 USB-A port, 1 USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port, and 1 TYPE-C PD port. The Anern 500W Solar Generator has a modified sine wave output and is rated for 150W with a maximum of 200W and peak power of 300W.

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Anern 500W 200W 150W Solar Generator Charging Portable Solar Power Station Outdoor Energy Power Supply



Battery pack: 18650-3S7P-11.1V-14Ah (Lova single 2000mAh)
Size and weight: 204*91*187 mm, weight of about 1.89Kg
Charging method: AC adapter DC15V/3A,
Solar panel charging, with MPPT function (maximum power point tracking), 14V~22V/3A (maximum)
Use the standard car cigarette lighter charging cable to connect the car and this product to charge the product.

DC output: 2 x DC5521: 9~12.6V/10A (max 14.5A)
USB output: 1 x USB-A: 5V/2.4A
1 x USB-A: QC3.0, 5~12V/18W
1 x TYPE-C: PD 5~12V/18W

AC output: modified sine wave output, rated power 150W, maximum power 200W, peak power 300W

LED lighting: 2W LED flood lighting
Display: LCD display
Working temperature: -10℃~+40℃

Anern 500W Solar GeneratorAnern 500W Solar GeneratorAnern 500W Solar Generator



Battery Type: Lithium Electronic Battery

Battery capacity: 222WH/60000mAh/3.7V

Product size: 210*160*123MM

Charging AC adapter: DC15V/3A

Solar panel: MPPT, 14V~22V/3A (maximum)


Charging time:

Adapter DC15V/3A, 7~8 hours

DC DC output: 4 x DC5521: 9~12.6V/10A (Max 15A)

USB output: 2x USB-A: 5V2.4A

1 x USB-A: QC3.0, 5~12V/18W

1 x TYPE-C: QC3.0, 5~12V/18W


AC output:

AC output: modified sine wave output, rated power 200W, maximum power 300W, peak power 400W

Output voltage: 100V/110V/120V/220V/230V/240V

Output frequency: 50/60Hz

LED lighting: 3W LED flood lighting

Work instruction: LED display

Working temperature: -10℃~+40℃

Cycle life: >500 times


Products shipped from Italy are all 220V with EU plugs.

Anern 500W Solar Generator
Anern 500W Solar GeneratorAnern 500W Solar Generator



AC Output Mode: Pure Sine Wave Output

AC Power-Continuous Output: Rated Power 500W, Maximum Power 800W, Peak Power 1000W

Solar Input Specific: MPPT,18V~24V/5A MAX


Battery:Lithium-Ion Batteries

Battery Capacity:518WH/140000mAh, 3.7V


Input Recharging

AC Adapter: DC19V/4.73A

Car Charger: 19V/2.5A

Solar Panel: MPPT, 18V~24V/5A (Max)

Fully Charged Time

Adapter: DC19V/4.73A: 7~8 hours


DC Output

2 x DC5521:12~16.8V/10A (14.5A Max)


USB Output

2 x USB-A: 5V/2.4A

1 x USB-A: QC3.0,5~12V/18W

1 x TYPE-C: PD3.0,5~12V/18W

AC Output

Pure Sine Wave Output:

Rated Power: 500W(Peak Power: 1000W)

AC Voltage: 100V/110V/120V/220V/230V/240V


Output Frequency: 50/60Hz

☆For actual voltage and frequency please refer to the sticker at the bottom of the unit.


Cigarette Lighter Output

1 x Cigarette Lighter Output: 12~16.8V/10A (14.5A Max)


Power Indicator: LCD Display

Discharging Temperature:-10℃~ +40℃

Charging Temperature:0~ +40℃

Life cycles:>500 times

Anern 500W Solar GeneratorAnern 500W Solar Generator

Anern 500W Solar GeneratorAnern 500W Solar Generator

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Solar Power Station

Solar Generator 200W 500W

Portable Solar Power Station

200W Power Station

Rated Power

50W,Peak 300W

solar energy battery

Portable battery

battery for solar power station

220v portable power station


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