DIY Ultrasonic Levitator Kit


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This DIY Ultrasonic Levitator Kit is a great way to learn about ultrasonic standing waves and how they can be used to suspend objects in mid-air! The kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a single-chip microcomputer, driver chip, and two ultrasonic probes. The DC power interface makes it easy to charge, and the program download interface makes it easy to use. This levitator also supports long-term suspension—just be aware that the motherboard will get slightly hot after extended use.

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DIY Ultrasonic Levitator Kit Mini Acoustic Levitator Standing Wave Controller Module Acoustic Suspension Electronic Learning Suite


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1. Description:

It is a ultrasonic suspension module. This is a mini ultrasonic levitation device that can suspend foam balls. The device consists of a single-chip microcomputer,a driver chip and two ultrasonic probes. Mainly used for students or DIY electronics enthusiasts to learn about ultrasonic standing wave suspension.


DIY Ultrasonic Levitator Kit



1).It comes with a DC power interface for easy charging.

2).It has a program download interface and is easy to use.

3).It supports long-term suspension,the motherboard will be slightly hot.

4).It has a power indicator and an ultrasonic suspension indicator,and you can see the working status of the product by observing the indicator.



1).Product Name:Ultrasonic Suspension Module

2).Input Voltage:DC 12V

3).Input Current:70mA(Max)

4).LED (red):Power Indicator

5).LED (green):Ultrasonic levitation indicator

6).Probe Spacing:22mm

7).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃

8).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH


DIY Ultrasonic Levitator Kit


4. Working Principle:

1). Ultrasonic standing wave suspension is when there is a certain distance between the ultrasonic transmitting end and the reflecting end (or another transmitting end) (called the resonant cavity distance), and the transmitted wave and the reflected wave (or another acoustic wave) are continuously superimposed to form a standing wave. The acoustic wave force on the object at the standing wave node overcomes the effect of gravity and finally achieves the effect of suspension.


DIY Ultrasonic Levitator Kit

DIY Ultrasonic Levitator KitDIY Ultrasonic Levitator Kit

DIY Ultrasonic Levitator KitDIY Ultrasonic Levitator KitDIY Ultrasonic Levitator Kit






Brand Name





Logic ICs

Model Number

Ultrasonic Suspension Production Kit

Supply Voltage

DC 12V



Operating Temperature

-25~85 Celsius


Electric Toy



Item Version

Ultrasonic Suspension Module

Input Voltage

DC 12V

LED (Red)

Power Indicator

LED (Green)

Ultrasonic Levitation Indicator

Probe Spacing


Feature 1

Ultrasonic Suspension Production Kit

Feature 2

DIY Kit Ultrasonic Suspension

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DIY Ultrasonic Levitator Kit