Large And Powerful Sonic Tesla Coil


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Different Large And Powerful Sonic Tesla Coils

  • type1:5 cm arc (safe to touch)

  • type2:10 cm arc (safe to touch)

  • type3:20cm arc

  • type4:30 cm arc

  • type5 :45 cm arc

  • type6 :100cm arc

  • type7 :150cm arc

  • type8 :250cm arc

Large And Powerful Sonic Tesla Coil


1. If you have a defibrillator, or any implanted/non-implantable electronic device, please do not operate any high-voltage device!

2. You should have a general understanding of the people around you, if you are around people using cardiac defibrillators, and pacemakers, do not start the Tesla coil!! The Electromagnetic interference of tesla coils is so great that it can damage the devices they use and cause accidents!!

3. Make sure that there is no precision instrument and equipment around, do not start tesla coil!!It could interfere with the normal operation of their equipment.

4. Make sure the large metal objects/instrument housings near the test area are grounded to prevent the accumulation of dangerous charges. If there is a capacitor near the test area, please make sure to discharge it immediately after the test!

5. When playing at home, be careful not to have expensive household appliances nearby, if the computer, printer, TV, etc., to avoid being broken. Electromagnetic waves generated by high-voltage equipment may burn out sensitive components in the electrical appliances and cause electrical failure/damage.

6. Make sure that the Tesla coil is reliably grounded (do not connect to the user’s ground wire) and that the ground wire can be connected to the metal heater tube (low-power Tesla coil can be used; high-power tesla coil must have a dedicated ground wire).

7. When the above conditions allow, make sure you are in a safe zone.Don’t let the lightning strike you!!

8. Ensure the reliable protection mechanism of the power supply line, which can disconnect the circuit in case of overload or short circuit (check whether the incoming air switch is reliable, and specially install insurance on the power supply line of Tesla coil).

9. Fire safety, high temperature arc can ignite flammable materials, please remove the flammable materials near the test site before the test.

10. During the experiment, make sure that at least two or more reliable people accompany you to do the experiment (the operation is done by you alone, they are responsible for watching from a distance, do not participate in your experiment, and ensure that they are able to deal with the emergency.

11 When the Tesla coil is powered up, the sound is relatively loud.

12. Only Fang Bo music can be played in audio mode (contact customer service). Regular music will damage the machine



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Large And Powerful Sonic Tesla Coil