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Are you looking for a way to heat water without electricity costs? Then this solar water heater is just right for you. With this solar water heater, you can heat water efficiently with the sun’s energy. It is also possible to connect several of these solar water heaters in series to heat a larger amount of water.

You need to connect a pump to this system to pump the water through the tubes. Of course, you can also operate this water pump with solar energy to get completely free hot water.

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Solar Water Heater For Home

This solar water heater includes: 1 set of solar collectors of the solar hot water heater(tube length: 0.5meter, Outer Diameter of Tube: φ58mm, 10 Tubes), including:


1). 10 pcs of Evacuate Tubes with heat pipe

2). 1 pcs of manifold (10 holes)

3). 10 pcs of the tube holder

4). 1 set of the aluminum bracket with bolts and nuts.


(Remark: The solar water heater is shipped disassembled. The assembly is relatively easy and self-explanatory.)

Application: It can be used as a solar collector for solar hot water heating systems, for training projects, or demon collectors, or as a small solar collector for the water heating system at home. etc.
This small solar colletor is suitable for heating a 50-liter water tank, or 100-liter water tank(with a heating element).
Please don’t expect it to heat the swimming pool (then you would need two or three solar heating systems).
The swimming pool may require several hundreds of these small solar collectors.
If your swimming pool needs a solar hot water system, please ask the local engineer to calculate how many solar colletors are required, then contact us to buy the solar collectors and other parts.

Technical Parameter:

1). Tube Length: 0.5meter

2). Outer Diameter of Tube: φ58mm

3). Q’ty of Tube: 10

4). Manifold: Outer shell: Aluminum Alloy, Thickness:1.8mm;Insulating layer: rock wool overall

5). Heat pipe: red copper TU1+water; transfer power :> =150W;Working pressure:4Mpa;welding pressure:4Mpa

6). Dustproof rubber: EPDM

7). three-target tube: High boron and silicon content 3.3; Structure: Gradual change AL-N/AL selective absorption coating; Vacuum Degree: P<=5*10-4;

8). Bracket: Aluminum Alloy

9). Tube Holder: ABS, black

Solar Water Heater For HomeSolar Water Heater For HomeSolar Water Heater For HomeSolar Water Heater For HomeSolar Water Heater For HomeSolar Water Heater For Home



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Solar Water Heater For Home