Wireless WiFi CCTV System


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Wireless WiFi CCTV System
Tailored for you

Various specifications: 3MP Bullet Camera System;3MP PTZ Camera System;5MP PTZ Camera System;

Wireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV System
Our Advantage(System Compare with another brand Alone Camera)

Alone WiFi Camera is not safe.If they steal the camera, you can’t find the evidence to prove.Our NVR can record the video, although the camera is lost , NVR still is on your house , you can backup the video to policeman ;

by the way:I see camera can’t work with the Eseecloud system

Wireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV System
Different Function

Bullet Metal Camera:

1) one-way audio with a microphone to record sound

2)only support infrared night vision to show the black and white image at dark

3)No RJ45 port,only support wifi connection

PTZ Plastic Camera:

1)Pan 355°& Tilt 90°& 5x Digital zoom &Two way audio with microphone and speaker

2)Support Full Color Night Vision,give a better visual feeling

3)with RJ45 port,support wifi and wired connection

Wireless WiFi CCTV System
Indoor / outdoor Wireless Solution

Theoretically, it’s maximum wireless distance is 50M if no any obstacles.this wireless system uses the latest wireless cascading technology. When the camera is far away from the NVR, wireless cascade technology allows the camera to transmit the signal to another camera closest to it. The wireless cascade technology greatly improves the transmission distance and stability.

Wireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV System
Convenient PTZ Control

This camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and rotate 90 degrees vertically. The mobile phone can control the rotation angle of the gimbal and see the direction you want to see.

Wireless WiFi CCTV System
Humanoid & Motion Detection

If the camera detects humanoid movements, the system will send out an alarm (Show message to APP, Send email, system buzzer). You can know that someone is approaching your home anytime, anywhere.

Wireless WiFi CCTV System
Auto Tracking for PTZ Camera

The camera will automatically track when it detects movement, and after you set a preset point for the camera, the camera will return to the preset point when it finishes tracking.

Wireless WiFi CCTV System
Full Color Night Vision from PTZ Camera

Three lighting modes, in addition to normal daylight mode and night vision mode, when an alarm occurs at night, the camera will automatically turn on the white light to increase the exposure, providing you with color images without losing any details

Wireless WiFi CCTV System
Infrared Night Vision from Bullet Camera

For Bullet camera,only support traditional technology .there are 3 pcs LEDS to show red light at dark.the image will be white and blackWireless WiFi CCTV System

Two-Way Audio from PTZ Camera

Hear and talk with a person,who is in the surveillance area.with a microphone and speaker,similar with an intercom product .if your parents can’t use smartphone,you can user this system to contact with them.

Bullet camera only record the sound

Wireless WiFi CCTV System

Works Perfectly Outdoor as Well as Indoor

PTZ and Bullet all have a body and housing with an IP66 waterproof rating. So you can feel free to install it outdoor, like in your street, backyard, or anywhere else. It can stand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, intense cold and heatWireless WiFi CCTV System

Long Cord Camera Supply Cable

3m long cable ,east to install,Good-looking home wire wiringWireless WiFi CCTV System

Hard Disk Storage Video

Hiseeu wireless system supports hard disks with memory from 500GB to 6TB. It is recommended to use monitoring hard disks. The interface specification is SATA II. The memory is 1-2T. The hard disk specification is 3.5 inches. It is recommended to use a power supply of 12V 3A or above for hard disks above 2TB. It is recommended to use a power supply of 12V 5A above 4TB.Wireless WiFi CCTV System

24/7 Recording

The camera system is set to enable 24 / 7-hour uninterrupted recording by default. The video will be stored in the hard disk in real time. Once the hard disk is full, the camera system will rewrite automatically. If you want to save hard disk space to store video for a longer time, you can set it to motion record mode.Wireless WiFi CCTV System

East to plug and playRemote Viewing, Anytime Anywhere

Dual WiFi Connection ,between camera and nvr , nvr with your router via WiFi,NVR with your router also can support wired connection .only support 2.4GHz WiFiWireless WiFi CCTV System

Remote Viewing, Anytime Anywhere

No matter where you are, you can remotely access the security camera to see live streaming and stay connected.Remotely view camera via free App on your mobile device, Eseecloud Client on your computer,it must need to connect with network to remotely viewWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV SystemWireless WiFi CCTV System

1.Is the maximum channel only 4? Could i add on more cameras to the Hiseeu cctv system? Where can i buy the cameras?
The maximum channel is 8, enabling to add 8 cameras at max. Pls click Hisee IP Camera to buy the cameras
2.Is there any video of how to add new camera to the NVR?
Please check our YouTube Video: // ///
3.IF NVR dont’ connect with internet,does it work ?
Yes,but you can’t remotely view system on APP,it only can view on your monitor
4.When the HDD is full,do i need to delet the recording?
No need, if HDD is full, the new recordings will automatically overwrite the prior recordings.
5.Does the NVR support USB hard disk?
No,The NVR support SATA 3.5” Hard Disk, the hard disk connection cable is inside the NVR.
6. What’s the view angle of the camera? Does it have zoom function?
It’s about 75 degrees,No zoom function.But you can buy our PTZ zoom camera (who use Eseecloud APP)
7.Can i remote view the video on my pc and smartphone?
Yes, you can easy to get live streaming or playback videos via free IP Pro3 or EseeCloud APP on iOS & Android devices, through free EseeCloud Client software on Windows or Mac,or via major browsers like Internet Explorer.
Wireless WiFi CCTV System
Brand Name


PCS of Camera




TV System


Video Input

8 Channel

Cable Length


Model Number


Smart home platform





Metal Shell

HDD Interface

3.5SATA, Support 500GB up to 4TB

Video Compression

H.265+ Video Surveillance

Camera Feature

3.0MP Wireless Metal Shell Indoor Outdoor Day and Night vision

Power Supply

12V CCTV Camera Security System Kit

Type 1

Wireless CCTV System

Type 2

Security Camera System

HD support


Waterproof Camera

IP66 Waterproof IP Camera

Camera builts microphone

IP Camera Audio In

Video Surveillance System

Security Camera System


CCTV Cameras System H.265

8CH Wireless NVR Kit

Video Camera System


CCTV Video Surveillance

Wireless CCTV Kit

CCTV Camera Security System

WIFI Camera

video surveillance wifi


AI Humanoid Detection

Feature 2

Audio record sound IP Camera

Model 1

3MP Bullet Camera System

Model 2

3MP PTZ camera system

Model 3

5MP PTZ camera system

How many camera can add it ?

UP to 10 pieces wireless cameras

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Wireless WiFi CCTV System