Promise Of Quality

Our promise of quality to our customers

The overall quality, i.e. the efficient design of the processes in all areas and at all levels, the competence and satisfaction of the employees as well as the external image of the company should ensure that the customer receives the product according to his requirements and thus his confidence in the performance of our company is preserved.

These principles are part of the corporate strategy and are binding for all business areas.

Principle 1: Customer Satisfaction

… is the long-term, trusting cooperation with the aim of also meeting the future requirements of our customers.

Our competence is the product and the service, starting with intensive advice on the introduction and conversion of new products at the customer’s site, to assistance in selecting suitable solar and wind power solutions.

Principle 2: Employee satisfaction

An important part of our corporate culture is to use the full potential of our employees to continuously improve our business activities. The competence and qualification of the employees are maintained and further developed through personnel planning, personnel selection, and personnel development.

Principle 3: Quality Responsibility

It is the task and obligation of every employee to provide performance that meets the requirements, i. H. Everyone is responsible for the quality of the services and product advice they provide.

Principle 4: Partner Supplier

The quality of our products is largely determined by our suppliers. It is therefore a mandatory prerequisite to promote cooperation in the spirit of partnership there as well.

Principle 5: Competitiveness

By observing the market and comparing the competition, we measure the status of our services with the aim of being better than comparable providers in every respect when it comes to meeting customer requirements.

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